Learn everything about the Devil Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks

A Devil’s comet is heading toward Earth. This comet is known as 12P/Pons-Brooks. The comet looks like it has horns and is 3 times bigger than Mount Everest.

This comet is known for its regular explosions. After the explosions, the comet develops odd shapes and increases in brightness. This comet is cryovolcanic. Which means it’s a cold volcano. The come is about 30 km in diameter and is made up of ice gas and dust.

Will Devil Comet hit Earth and should you be worried about it?

According to scientists, the comet will not get close to the Earth until 2024. When it gets close to the Earth in 2024, it will pass by near Earth in April of 2024. When it passes by Earth you will be able to see it with your telescopes. So amateur astronomers should be excited about this comet passing by the earth. The comet will be visible in the East-North-East direction at an altitude of 36 degrees above the horizon. You can most likely see this comet with your naked eyes as well.

Comet three times size of Everest racing towards Earth after violent explosion CometChasers/Twitter

Devil comet three times the size of Everest racing toward Earth after violent explosion CometChasers/Twitter

This comet was first discovered in 1812 and it completes its one orbit around the sun in 71 years. It was first seen from the earth in the year 1954. This time the comet will pass in between the orbit of Venus and Earth.

In January 2023 Comet ZTF which is also known as the green comet passed by the Earth. Looks like at the beginning of each year earth gets visits from these objects in our solar systems.

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