Looking for the best phone adapters for telescopes? Check out our top picks, including universal, iPhone, and Android adapters! Capture stunning images of the night sky now!

When you are stargazing and watching those beautiful views from your telescope, you want to quickly capture them to share them with friends or on social media. Not everyone wants to do serious astrophotography with expensive cameras and stuff. Sometimes we just want to capture the image with our phone, but most telescopes do not come with a smartphone adapter to connect your phone to your telescope. 

All you need to do phone astrophotography with your telescope is a phone adapter or mount that fits on the telescope. The phone adapter needs to be lightweight and sturdy enough to support the weight of the phone. If it is not lightweight, then your telescope might not be able to support the whole weight and make some vibrations, which will just ruin your photos.

So here are some of the best phone adapters you can buy to get started with phone astrophotography.

Celestron–NexYZ 3–Axis Smartphone Adapter 

This is one of the best phone adapters you can get. This is slightly more expensive than others but totally worth your money in regards to its build quality and features. One of the best features of this adapter is that you can easily adjust your phone on the three axes (X, Y, and Z). This will give you maximum control over aligning your phone’s camera with the eyepiece.

The second best thing about this adapter is how quickly you can attach it to the eyepiece. It just has a clamp, which takes 2 seconds to fit on the eyepiece. Also, you can quickly change phones while taking photos if you are in a group setting. So, everyone can get photos on her phone. This one also comes with a Bluetooth version.

Celestron Smartphone Adapter

Celestron-NexGO 2-Axis Smartphone Adapter

This one is another phone adapter from Celestron. It has two axes that can be adjusted in the X and Y directions. The adapter allows you to fix your phone’s camera with the eyepiece. 

It works with almost all types of smartphones out there. It has a very lightweight, durable metal frame and a polymer coating, even if you end up using it roughly. If you want to save space in your kit, this adapter also folds to fit in your kit. 

Celestron Smartphone Adapter

VANKEY 2-Axis Adjustable Phone Adapter

This is another 2-axis phone adapter from Vankey. It is universal. So, you can use it with a telescope, binoculars, or spotting scope for bird watching. 

Pads cover the parts of the adapter that come into contact with your eyepiece or binoculars. As a result, there is no direct metal contact. This adapter comes with a one-year warranty.

It will also work with a wide range of smartphones, including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, etc.

Vankey Smartphone Adapter

NEEWER Metal Telescope Phone Mount

This adapter is made of lightweight metal. As mentioned at the beginning, your adapter needs to be sturdy and lightweight. The adapter is exactly that.

This adapter is also useful with the wide variety of smartphones out there.

Neewer Smartphone Adapter

Celestron: Smartphone Photography Adapter for Telescope

This is yet another adapter from Celestron. If you are on a budget, then this adapter is for you. It is a simple 2-axis adapter. You can easily fix your phone on the eyepiece and get started with your phone astrophotography. It is lightweight, sturdy, and durable. Which will last you during your rough use.

SVBONY SV218 Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount

This adapter from SVBONY is also a 2-axis adapter, but it has a different mechanism to fit on the eyepiece. 

It has a bottle cap-like structure on the top. You can fix the phone on the adapter with your camera aligned with the hole on the cap. And then just put the whole assembly on the eyepiece. And it will be aligned already.

Aligning the camera with the eyepiece is simply much easier.

SVBONY Adapter

If you are doing phone astrophotography then you definitely want to do serious astrophotography in the future. Learn more about the best telescopes for astrophotography. You can also find the best suitable telescope for you with our telescope search tool.

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