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There are 19 stars in the International Astronomical Union‘s catalog which starts with B.

In the following table, we listed all these stars. The nomenclature of each star and their classification is as follows;

Star Name:- Name of the star.

Designation:- The scientific name of the star in the IAU catalog.

Constellation:- Constellation in which you can find this star.

Bayer Designation:- The name of the star in the German astronomer Johann Bayer’s catalog. A Bayer designation is a stellar designation in which a specific star is identified by a Greek or Latin letter followed by the genitive form of its parent constellation’s Latin name

Star NameDesignationConstellationBayern Name
BaekduHD 133086Ursa Minor8 UMi
Barnard’s StarGJ 699OphiuchusV2500 Oph
Baten KaitosHR 539Cetusζ Cet
BeemimHR 1393Eridanusυ3 Eri
BeidHR 1298Eridanusο1 Eri
BelelHD 181342Sagittarius_ Sgr
BellatrixHR 1790Orionγ Ori
BerehyniaHAT-P-15Perseus_ Per
BetelgeuseHR 2061Orionα Ori
BharaniHR 838Aries41 Ari
BibhāHD 86081Sextans_ Sex
BihamHR 8450Pegasusθ Peg
BosonaHD 206610Aquarius_ Aqr
BoteinHR 951Ariesδ Ari
BrachiumHR 5603Libraσ Lib
BubupHD 38283Mensa_ Men
BunaHD 16175Andromeda_ And
BundaHR 8264Aquariusξ Aqr
BélénosHD 8574Pisces_ Psc

This list of names of the stars which were added till the year 2021. The latest names after 2021 are not yet added to this list.

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