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There are 32 stars in the International Astronomical Union‘s catalog which starts with T.

In the following table, we listed all these stars. The nomenclature of each star and their classification is as follows;

Star Name:- Name of the star.

Designation:- The scientific name of the star in the IAU catalog.

Constellation:- Constellation in which you can find this star.

Bayer Designation:- The name of the star in the German astronomer Johann Bayer’s catalog. A Bayer designation is a stellar designation in which a specific star is identified by a Greek or Latin letter followed by the genitive form of its parent constellation’s Latin name

Star NameDesignationConstellationBayer Name
TabitHR 1543Orionπ3 Ori
TaikaHAT-P-40Lacerta_ Lac
TaiyangshouHR 4518Ursa Majorχ UMa
TaiyiHR 4916Draco8 Dra
TalithaHR 3569Ursa Majorι UMa
TangraWASP-21Pegasus_ Peg
Tania AustralisHR 4069Ursa Majorμ UMa
Tania BorealisHR 4033Ursa Majorλ UMa
TapecueHD 63765Carina_ Car
TarazedHR 7525Aquilaγ Aql
TarfHR 3249Cancerβ Cnc
TaygetaHR 1145Taurus19 Tau
TegmineHR 3208Cancerζ1 Cnc
TejatHR 2286Geminiμ Gem
TerebellumHR 7597Sagittariusω Sgr
TevelHAT-P-9Auriga_ Aur
TheeminHR 1464Eridanusυ2 Eri
ThubanHR 5291Dracoα Dra
TiakiHR 8636Grusβ Gru
TianguanHR 1910Taurusζ Tau
TianyiHR 4863Draco7 Dra
TimirHD 148427Ophiuchus_ Oph
TislitWASP-161Puppis_ Pup
TitawinHR 458Andromedaυ And
TojilWASP-22Eridanus_ Eri
TolimanHR 5460Centarusα Cen
TonatiuhHR 4609Camelopardalis– Cam
TorcularHR 510Piscesο Psc
TuirenHAT-P-36Canes Venatici_ CVn
TupiHD 23079Reticulum_ Ret
TupãHD 108147Crux_ Cru
TureisHR 3185Puppisρ Pup

This list of names of the stars which were added till the year 2021. The latest names after 2021 are not yet added to this list.

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