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There are 18 stars in the International Astronomical Union‘s catalog which starts with K.

In the following table, we listed all these stars. The nomenclature of each star and their classification is as follows;

Star Name:- Name of the star.

Designation:- The scientific name of the star in the IAU catalog.

Constellation:- Constellation in which you can find this star.

Bayer Designation:- The name of the star in the German astronomer Johann Bayer’s catalog. A Bayer designation is a stellar designation in which a specific star is identified by a Greek or Latin letter followed by the genitive form of its parent constellation’s Latin name

Star NameDesignationConstellationBayer Name
KaffaljidhmaHR 804Cetusγ Cet
KalausiHD 83443Vela_ Vel
KamuyHD 145457Corona Borealis_ CrB
KangHR 5315Virgoκ Vir
KarakaHD 137388Apus_ Aps
Kaus AustralisHR 6879Sagittariusε Sgr
Kaus BorealisHR 6913Sagittariusλ Sgr
Kaus MediaHR 6859Sagittariusδ Sgr
KavehHD 175541Serpens_ Ser
KeidHR 1325Eridanusο2 Eri
KhambaliaHR 5359Virgoλ Eri
KitalphaHR 8131Equuleusα Equ
KochabHR 5563Ursa Minorβ UMi
KoeiaHIP 12961Eridanus_ Eri
KoitXO-4Lynx_ Lyn
KornephorosHR 6148Herculesβ Her
KrazHR 4786Corvusβ Crv
KurhahHR 8417Cepheusξ Cep

This list of names of the stars which were added till the year 2021. The latest names after 2021 are not yet added to this list.

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