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There are 11 stars in the International Astronomical Union‘s catalog which starts with L.

In the following table, we listed all these stars. The nomenclature of each star and their classification is as follows;

Star Name:- Name of the star.

Designation:- The scientific name of the star in the IAU catalog.

Constellation:- Constellation in which you can find this star.

Bayer Designation:- The name of the star in the German astronomer Johann Bayer’s catalog. A Bayer designation is a stellar designation in which a specific star is identified by a Greek or Latin letter followed by the genitive form of its parent constellation’s Latin name

Star NameDesignationConstellationBayer Name
La SuperbaHR 4846Canes VenaticiY CVn
LarawagHR 6241Scorpiusε Sco
LernaHAT-P-42Hydra_ Hya
LesathHR 6508Scorpiusυ Sco
LibertasHR 7595Aquilaξ Aql
LichPSR B1257+12Virgo– Vir
LiesmaHD 118203Ursa Major_ UMa
Lilii BoreaHR 824Aries39 Ari
LionrockHD 212771Aquarius_ Aqr
LucilinburhucHD 45350Auriga_ Aur
LusitâniaHD 45652Monoceros_ Mon

This list of names of the stars which were added till the year 2021. The latest names after 2021 are not yet added to this list.

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